Allergy assessments

Many allergy sufferers self-diagnose and self-medicate which may not reduce their allergy symptoms effectively, be expensive and cause unwanted side effects. To effectively treat your allergy you need to pinpoint the allergens causing the allergic reaction.

We can provide an accurate diagnosis via;

  1. Taking your personal medical and family history
  2. Conducting a physical examination, and
  3. If required, allergy testing to confirm what allergens are causing your symptoms.

assessment assessment

The most common allergy test is a skin prick test which involves placing drops of the suspected allergens on your forearm to determine an allergic reaction. This test can be performed and results evident within 20 minutes.

The key to effective management of allergic rhinitis is an accurate diagnosis. Your doctor will discuss with you the treatment options available including avoidance of the allergen, symptomatic treatment, and in cases of moderate to severe allergic rhinitis, treating the allergy itself.

We currently offer additional services in the clinic:

  • Nasal airway assessment- tests objective airway function and includes acoustic rhinometry and rhinomanometry
  • Skin prick testing- both basic inhalant allergen screening, and extended fungal assessment for allergic fungal sinusitis
  • Smell testing using 40 odourant challenge (UPSIT40)
  • Lysine-aspirin challenge- direct intranasal challenge to confirm aspirin-sensitive airways disease/aspirin hypersensitivity
  • Direct nasal and lung antigen challenge- for identification of hypersensitivity to a suspected allergen, unable to be confirmed by skin prick test or RAST